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  • Jonathan Dorfmam, Co-founder, Stolen Sky Productions

    Michael's inspiration, honesty and integrity of thought resonated with me for days.

  • Keith Gillam, CEO, Envirogreen Materials Corp.

    Michael is a thinking man's speaker. I have never seen anyone do what he does.

  • Yvonna Russell, Huffington Post

    Michael enlightens the struggle to strive and succeed with humor, grit, and truth.

  • Washington Times

    Michael Genet delivers a spell binding performance.

Hire Michael Genet to speak at your next convention, conference or special event. Why? When you hire Michael, you’re getting a keynote speaker with the undeniable magic and irresistible charisma of a Stage, TV, and Film Star, who’s reached the pinnacle of the Entertainment Industry, carving out a legacy as an award winning Actor, Writer, Producer and Master Storyteller.

You’ll also be getting Michael’s incomparable showmanship, along with his ability to bring his compelling message of Defiant Resilience to audiences everywhere. Michael’s presentation They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am™ is a sixty minute tour de force that not only entertains but teaches attendees that in order to be resilient, defiance is the crucial element to developing our talent, realizing our purpose and accomplishing our goals.

Life is full of obstacles.  Everyone struggles. Only those who harness the power of Defiant Resilience™ will possess the tools needed to thrive in this ever changing world.  Michael Genet is the Rock of Resilience.  Having navigated the volatile waters of the entertainment industry, achieving an impressive array of success at the highest levels of the game. And he did it all by being defiantly resilient. Learning how to turn a million “No’s” into a resounding “Yes”, how to swallow the various disappointments life has to offer and still get back in the game, and understanding that while every dream may have a cost, we’re all endowed with the inner strength to pay the price of making those dreams come true. Michael’s brand of Defiant Resilience™ entertains as it inspires, leaving audiences on their feet and ready to be defiantly resilient in their own lives.

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